Managed Cloud & IT Services

Managed IT Services

The technology that supports businesses keeps changing and IT departments are constantly being pressured to do more with less. It seems that it is virtually impossible for IT to meet the increasing business demands with current budgets, resources, and processes. Approximately 80% of IT department’s time and budgets are spent just ‘Keeping the Lights On’. Project backlogs are compounding at a rate of 15% – 25% requiring Management to look at alternative means to support their business needs.

This is where Saralux can help.

7 Skillsets Business Executives are looking for in a Managed Services Provider



Be able to manage their costs with no surprise expenditures, while achieving IT operational efficiency with Managed Services.



A Managed Service Provider that is agile – can move fast when they need Services quickly or change direction if needed.



An MSP that can provide end-to-end services to meet their specific requirements, so they do not have to manage dozens of vendors.


IT Skills and Experience

A professional, well-trained, competent IT staff that can be trusted using proven processes and advanced IT toolsets.


Customer Service

A reliable MSP that will handle any issues immediately so that their business process is not jeopardized.



Peace of mind that their data is being managed with the most advanced Security tools available.


Leadership and Advisory Services

From the same Managed Service Provider that provides patching and upgrades, leadership that can participate in Executive level meetings to connect business goals and objectives with the required IT strategies.

Whether you are ready to completely outsource your IT environment or you are seeking a reliable provider to outsource and augment specific tasks, Saralux delivers value. We believe, and have proven, that a comprehensive Information Services (IS) team, normally only afforded by large enterprises, can be made available to any size organization in a cost effective manner.

Our experienced team of engineers can provide ‘proactive’ Services for all types of IT networks, devices, and users. Saralux can augment your existing IT staff and assist you on a project/scope of work (SOW) basis or take full responsibility of running your IT operations. To accomplish this, we rely on the most advanced set of tools and a team of highly skilled IT professionals with over 25 years of experience.

We provide Services like:


On-Premise and Cloud Managed Solutions


Infrastructure Engineering, Consulting, Implementation


Networking, Servers, Storage, VoIP


Workstation, Laptop, and Mobile Device Management


On-site and Remote Monitoring Support


24×7×365 Helpdesk Services – Level I, II, III


Backup and Recovery Services


Complete IT Security

Let us take the burden of worrying about your IT infrastructure off of your plate and enable you to better manage your costs. Stay ahead of your competitors by focusing on projects that will move your business forward.

Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our proven skills, processes, and Services.


Microsoft Office 365 is the next generation of Microsoft’s flexible cloud computing offering, with various flavors to accommodate small businesses and large enterprises alike. This comprehensive offering includes: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business (formerly Lync Online), Office Web Apps as well as Office Professional Plus. Whether you are a small business with 5 employees or a Fortune 500 with thousands of employees, Office 365 is something worth taking a look at.


Easy reading easy writing
on every device


Create order, organize data
share insight


Make your point with clarity,
your style


Share ideas and work.
Organize information,
people and projects.


Communicate with customers,
Collaborate with Colleagues


Stay Productive
and connected


Sync files across
all of your devices


Private messages with your team ,
share information and organize
around projects.

Office 365 provides three core areas that increase productivity to help you serve your customers, protect your business and keep ahead of the competition.

Protect what you value most (Worry less)

Office 365 helps you be secure in knowing you’re managing and protecting your company’s devices, data, and budget while staying competitive.

Work from anywhere (Work easier)

With Office 365, let everyone work the way they work best (in and out of the office), using trusted business applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Exchange while benefiting from a consistent experience across every device, including iOS and Android devices.

Collaborate (Work together)

Office 365 gives you the flexibility to easily access and edit documents in real time across devices and platforms (so you and your team are always working with one version of the truth), combined with the collaboration boost that comes from knowing you can share documents securely and hold productive meetings from multiple locations.


Get Started Now

Saralux is your one-stop-shop to migrate your infrastructure to Office 365 and provide you with ongoing support and management of your cloud infrastructure once it is deployed. Our Sales team is also now implementing Office 365 for many of our Managed Services clients.

Saralux Office 365 Services include:

We take care of the day-to-day management of your Microsoft Online Services account, including everything from creating new accounts and changing passwords to training users and providing business process consulting. We also provide on-site and remote support for your staff when they have issues accessing e-mail, working with their e-mail client, or accessing with a mobile device, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Migration Services
We will handle the migration of data from your existing e-mail system(s) into the cloud-based Office 365 environment

Integration Services
We can help integrate your Microsoft Online Services with your existing internal infrastructure, including directory synchronization

Training Services
We provide you with ongoing training on the full suite of services

Contact us today to learn how you can start collaborating on documents seamlessly with zero infrastructure investment.

Managed Microsoft Azure

IT teams need the many advantages and flexibility of the cloud, yet often lack the experience to seamlessly migrate and manage their cloud environments. Building on our history as a managed cloud and IT provider, Saralux is excited to now extend our portfolio of Services to provide you with Managed Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Some cloud providers make you choose between your datacenter and the cloud. Not Azure, which easily integrates with your existing IT environment thru the largest network of secure private connections, hybrid database and storage solutions, and data residency and encryption features — so your assets stay right where you need them.

Key Values for Microsoft Azure Managed by Saralux:


Rapid scaling of cloud applications with on-demand infrastructure


Ease of integration with all Microsoft applications and solutions


Rest easier with the same level of security and data protection used by the worlds largest organizations


Increased revenues with the global reach of Azure


Unlimited flexibility to grow at your optimal pace


Highly skilled Saralux personnel to manage your Azure environment


Zero capital costs – eliminates need to maintain and refresh hardware


Fully utilized hardware instead of idle spare hardware

Extend your existing IT With Microsoft Azure

Contact Saralux to discuss how we can manage your Microsoft Azure environment.

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