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outsource finance and accounting for non-profits

How a New Non-Profit Can Benefit From Outsourcing Finance and Accounting

You have set up a new non-profit and you’re eager to get started on your organization’s mission. At the beginning of your non-profit, you may be tempted to keep your team entirely in-house, for everything from your outreach personnel to your accounting processes. However, outsourcing finance and accounting roles actually end up bringing many benefits […]

Saving Money Through Cloud Integration

Saving Money Through Cloud Integration: A Basic Guide for Nonprofits

Cloud Integration for NonProfits The digital transformation of business means that adopting technology is not negotiable — even for nonprofit organizations. Easy access to mobile devices means prospective donors typically begin their research online. They communicate through email and social media, and they rely on digital payment services to complete transactions. If your organization can’t […]

Non Profit fundraising Donation

5 Nonprofit Finance Ideas that Will Influence Donors

There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in America, and this equates to countless focuses and organizational purposes. Even with the innumerable differences between these organizations, though, the one thing that remains constant is their need for donors. Unfortunately, “making the ask” can be difficult without something to influence potential donors. Fortunately, these nonprofit finance […]

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