Mobile apps used to be something only large companies could support. Today, mobile app development has matured to the point where creating a mobile app is well within the grasp of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). SME managers are using internal and customer-focused marketing mobile apps to grow their business. In fact, it’s a necessity to remain competitive in today’s business environment.

Internal Mobile Apps
Flexibility and agility are two characteristics highly prized in a small business. Staffing is lean and team members are usually on the go. The ability to collaborate and make quick decisions can give a small business a definite competitive advantage.
Mobile apps that support communications and other applications like project management or document sharing can be used for many tasks, such as collaborating on proposal preparation or agreeing on a price discount for a favored customer.


Marketing Mobile Apps
From a marketing standpoint, mobile apps can improve the customer experience and promote new sales. The following are just some of the ways mobile apps can be used for marketing.
Customer Loyalty Programs. Businesses in any industry can create customer loyalty programs. For example, when customers download your app, they can access exclusive offers or find out about sales before they are advertised. Geo-targeting is used in retail to send specific messages to customers who are close to a store, inviting them to stop in for a special offer.
Scheduling. Mobile apps are wonderful for any business that schedules appointments with customers, including salons, spas, gyms, dentists and doctors. You can give customers an easy way to make or reschedule appointments. You can also send reminders and request confirmations via the app.
Customer Service. If your business prides itself on quick customer service, creating a mobile app will make your service even quicker. Service representatives can contact a customer regardless of their location, and management can monitor customer requests on a real-time basis.
Customer Engagement. A mobile app is an outstanding way to promote your brand and get your customer base engaged with your company. Think outside the box for these types of applications. For example, a pet store chain could run a promotion where customers upload funny photos of their pets for a chance to win a prize. Or, an association could run a promotion to honor volunteers who receive the most nominations.
When it is time for your company to build a mobile app, make sure you work with a partner you can trust. With over a decade in business, in-house expertise and experience across many industries, the experts at Saralux will make sure your mobile app meets your needs. Call us at 855-727-2589, or send an email and we’ll provide you with more information.