Saralux’s Managed IT Services will improve your business performance

Whether you are ready to completely outsource your IT environment or you are seeking a reliable provider to outsource and augment specific tasks, Saralux delivers value. We believe, and have proven, that a comprehensive Information Services (IS) team, normally only afforded by large enterprises, can be made available to any size organization in a cost effective manner.

7 Skillsets Business Executives are looking for in a Managed Services Provider



Be able to manage their costs with no surprise expenditures, while achieving IT operational efficiency with Managed Services



A Managed Service Provider that is agile – can move fast when they need Services quickly or change direction if needed



An MSP that can provide end-to-end services to meet their specific requirements, so they do not have to manage dozens of vendors


IT Skills and Experience

A professional, well-trained, competent IT staff that can be trusted using proven processes and advanced IT toolsets


Customer Service

A reliable MSP that will handle any issues immediately so that their business process is not jeopardized



Peace of mind that their data is being managed with the most advanced Security tools available


Leadership and Advisory Services

from the same Managed Service Provider that provides patching and upgrades, leadership that can participate in Executive level meetings to connect business goals and objectives with the required IT strategies

Saralux Managed Cloud

Managed Microsoft Azure

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