Skepticism about moving to the cloud is a thing of the past. SMBs are confident in the security and privacy of this technology, which is often more advanced than what they can support with their on-site resources. Companies take advantage of cloud resources to achieve cost savings, reduce capital investments, and be able to compete in the high-tech business world.

No Capital Outlay
Your IT budget is limited compared to that of an enterprise, so you don’t have the resources to cover capital expenses such as servers and software licenses. Managed services providers have all the equipment available in a scalable configuration. Since their business model revolves around delivering IT resources, they also invest in high-end equipment that you commonly see at larger companies. You also get technical expertise that’s honed through working with other SMBs in your industry.
Since you avoid the capital outlay associated with procurement and deployment, you can allocate your IT budget in other areas of your business. You can focus on growth strategies, with the reassurance that the managed services provider will scale with you.


Less Costly Than Hiring a Full-Time Employee
The IT industry faces a talent gap that won’t be resolved anytime soon. Competition for talented employees is fierce and requires significant investment. On top of the salary, full-time employees also generate overhead costs that equal another year’s worth of pay. Unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, health insurance and other benefits go hand-in-hand with employees. If you’re looking for in-demand skill sets, you either go into a bidding war or fund your employees’ certifications.
A managed services provider is more cost-effective than an in-house team, especially if you only have occasional IT needs. The expertise of a managed services provider helps you expand your company through the right technology support.

No Surprise Costs
A managed services provider has a contract with your business that spells out everything from how much you pay to the duties performed. You have a clear chain of responsibility if something goes wrong and expectations established well in advance.
When you put together the cash flow projections for the company, you don’t have to worry about preparing for last-minute costs. The predictability is a major advantage when you’re optimizing your finances and getting the most out of your budget. Future planning is built on this stable foundation. You have a competitive edge over other businesses that deal with unforeseen technology expenses cutting into other areas of the budget.

Improved Agility
The hiring cycle for IT employees is lengthy, due to the technical interview requirements and the competition from other companies. What happens if you hit a massive growth spurt due to a viral hit or having the in-demand product for the season? Your current IT staff members end up overworked and overwhelmed, and the cost of bringing in temporary emergency staff is huge.
When you work with a managed services provider, you have the assurance that your IT needs are covered even when you have unexpected successes. This business agility decreases your chances of missing out on prime opportunities.
Managed services providers act as a trusted IT partner for your business. You get to take advantage of cost-effective resources that put you on an even footing with companies that can field their own in-house IT and infrastructure. The flexibility and dependability are key for any organization trying to stand out in the modern business world.
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