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Small and Medium Enterprises
Can Benefit From ERP

Saralux is an experienced and certified NetSuite Developer ready to help you design a space in the cloud to meet your needs. Our team can customize a NetSuite solution for your business. NetSuite provides cloud ERP for over 30,000 organizations. Using NetSuite gives you an advantage because NetSuite is ten times the size of its […]

Why SMBs Are Turning to Managed Services Providers

Skepticism about moving to the cloud is a thing of the past. SMBs are confident in the security and privacy of this technology, which is often more advanced than what they can support with their on-site resources. Companies take advantage of cloud resources to achieve cost savings, reduce capital investments, and be able to compete […]

How SMEs Use Mobile Apps to Grow

Mobile apps used to be something only large companies could support. Today, mobile app development has matured to the point where creating a mobile app is well within the grasp of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). SME managers are using internal and customer-focused marketing mobile apps to grow their business. In fact, it’s a […]

Engaging Saralux for Your
Software Development Needs

No two companies are alike, and business needs vary greatly from one organization to another. Successful companies must evaluate their business processes at regular intervals in order to make sure that their current solutions are working well for them, and to improve upon those that need adjustments. It’s often said that these days, every company […]

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